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Feast Down East, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, tax ID# 32-0333038.

Local Food Guide

Local Food Access

We aim to raise public awareness and support for the local food movement through various marketing and media promotions. The goal is to educate consumers on the importance of buying local food and supporting agriculture across Southeastern North Carolina. This is important because consumer demand is a key element in generating market outlets for the sale of local food. Some of our previous efforts have included farmers' market promotions, highlighting locally-sourcing restaurants, and general consumer education campaigns. 
In order to achieve a thriving, equitable food system, it is important that all consumers have access to sources for local food. Feast Down East helps to empower consumers through our Buy Local Food Campaign, which provides information about where and how to purchase local food from a variety of sources. However, we recognize that some individuals and communities face unique barriers such as financial, geographic or educational challenges. In an effort to provide additional support to limited-resource consumers, Feast Down East offers the Local Motive Mobile Farmers Market.   



Buying local food helps support farm families and their businesses. Each purchase keeps your dollars circulating in the local economy, an investment in the future of our food system. 


Fresh fruits and vegetables picked and consumed at the height of their season are not only delicious, they're packed with nutrients. The faster that produce makes it to your plate, the fresher it is for you and your family.
The consumption of items grown, raised or caught locally can significantly reduce the environmental impact of packing, storing and transporting your food. Also, smaller farms tend to use their resources wisely and respond to the community's feedback in order to maintain a good reputation.


A vibrant local food movement brings people together around the issues that matter, like those above. It is one of the most tangible ways we can care for the wellbeing of our community today and invest in the future.



Get Fresh with Your Farmer!

We are currently working on updating a map of farms in South Eastern NC. Many of them offer farm stands, tours, special events, and other activities! You will be able to connect with farms directly through links to their websites and social media. Coming Soon!
Visiting a local market is a great way to meet and buy directly from area farmers. This is your chance to find out about their products, growing practices and farm businesses. Also, many farmers have great tips for how to prepare fresh foods in easy, tasty ways!  
Click for a printable pdf list of area farmers markets or
visit the map for locations and other information.
Visit the map for restaurant locations and information. Stars are FDE-endorsed.
Look for the
FDE sticker!
Locally-sourcing restaurants and cafes not only bring the freshest food to your table, they add their unique flavor, too! Southeastern North Carolina is home to a host of such treasures, representing a wide range of culinary styles and dining experiences.
CSA programs offer a unique form of cooperation between farmers and their community. The details of each CSA depends on the farm, but generally customers pay an up-front subcription fee to the farm in return for a weekly box of assorted fresh produce. Farmers use the collected fees to purchase the supplies necessary to grow the crops
to fill subscriptions. CSAs are popular because they directly support growers while providing a fun way to explore the wide variety of local foods. 
Click for a printable pdf list of CSA providers.
Living in a coastal region offers added benefits of accessible, fresh seafood and other marine resources. The coastal waters of Southeastern North Carolina provide a wide variety of shellfish and finfish species. Although many area restaurants highlight these products, consumers can directly support the local seafood industry by purchasing from retailers and preparing products at home. For  
Visit the map for retail locations and information.
information about buying and cooking local seafood, visit NC Catch or Got to Be NC.
Want to add some local flavor to your special event? There are a number of catering businesses and restaurants in this area that can help. Even a few food trucks! Seasonal, fresh ingredients provide the highest quality and best flavors, which are sure to be the star of any meal.
Click for a printable list of locally-sourcing caterers and food trucks.