Brandon Foy

Marketing Coordinator

As the Marketing Coordinator for Feast Down East, Brandon Foy brings a unique blend of practical farming experience and fervor for marketing. Hailing from a farming background himself, he utilized his skills to market his own farm products, giving him valuable firsthand knowledge he applies to his role at Feast Down East.

Graduating from UNC Wilmington in 2010, Brandon pursued his dream of farming — a passion that remains close to his heart. However, he discovered a growing enthusiasm for marketing, leading him to merge his love for agriculture and communication in his current position.

Brandon is an ardent supporter of biodynamics and regenerative organic practices, including the principles of JADAM. He believes in the power of agriculture to promote life and diversity, and passionately opposes practices that cause pollution and degradation of natural resources.

Taking the helm at Feast Down East was a natural fit for Brandon. It aligned perfectly with his vision of supporting small farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture that benefits the land, air, and water. He is dedicated to leveraging his role to champion Feast Down East's mission, which advocates for local farmers, fosters environmental wellness, and supplies wholesome food options for the community.

In his spare time, you might find Brandon experimenting with new organic farming techniques or enjoying the peaceful rhythm of farm life. His commitment to Feast Down East is more than just a job - it's a reflection of his values and aspirations to cultivate a healthier, sustainable future.