Brandon Foy

Marketing Coordinator

Feast Down East has been a part of my life for years, starting when I was farming hemp and had extra produce; they made it so easy to wholesale everything at once. After farming for years and realizing the risks and struggles firsthand, I fell in love with digital marketing out of the necessity to market my products. You can grow all you want, but unless someone’s going to buy it, it doesn’t matter; it’s worthless, extra food, or a donation.

I majored in Communications and minored in Creative Writing at UNCW, and at the time, I fell in love with agriculture, especially hemp. Still, as time has progressed, I’ve returned to my original studies. I decided within the past year to sell my farm and to focus my efforts on marketing.

Feast Down East was the perfect transition to use my marketing experience and skills to help local farmers succeed while growing FDE’s presence and involvement in the community. While operating my business, TEWNC Farms, I created everything from branding, design, web development, social media, email marketing, and more. This translated perfectly into FDE’s needs, and immediately, I jumped into finishing their new website build with a complete overhaul of branding, design, and copy of the site, including all backend development work such as SEO, analytics, DNS, etc. Not only have I created and designed the website, social, and email marketing, but I have also redesigned the new van and truck wraps and helped coordinate and execute our successful Community Cultivator event in October.

None of this would have been successful, though, if not for the amazing team I get to work with; they’re all incredible and provide exceptional results. They make Feast Down East’s mission a reality! I’m excited to continue to grow with Feast Down East and to help many more local farmers succeed and local community members access fresh and nutritious food. I wholeheartedly believe in our mission, and I’m honored to continue strengthening our local food system, even now that I’m not farming myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Brandon Foy