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From Burgaw to Wilmington, Carolina Beach to Wrightsville Beach, our customers infuse their unique flavors into their offerings while contributing to the local food scene. Many local restaurants, cafes, grocers, and nonprofit institutions source their fresh seasonal products from Feast Down East and the local farmers we work with.

Feast Down East delivering eggs and other local produce to Veggie Wagon on Carolina Beach, NC.
handshake between fde driver and chef at pine valley
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As a conscientious restaurant owner, dedicated grocer, or purpose-driven nonprofit, your values align with ours. You recognize the importance of supporting local economies, fostering sustainability, and delivering fresh, quality produce to your customers or community members. By partnering with Feast Down East, you're not just making a purchase — you're making a difference.

Joining the Feast Down East Network gives you a golden opportunity to enrich your offerings while helping to shape the local food scene of Southeastern North Carolina. It's about more than just business — it's about building a thriving, healthy community together.

Interested? We invite you to follow the link below for more information and become part of our mission to celebrate local farmers, champion fresh food, and foster healthy communities. Your partnership can help us grow further, reaching more plates and more hearts. Let's sow seeds of change, together.

Nonprofits Partnering with Feast Down East

Here are some of the amazing local nonprofits that use Feast Down East to feed our local community.

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Join us in nourishing our community and supporting local farmers. Your generous donation makes a big difference in strengthening our local food system. Be part of the change, donate today!

Testimonails from Community Partners & Customers


"Since The Veggie Wagon's inception, our mottos have always been 'Local Farmer Supported' and 'Buy Local, Before It's Bye Local.' Knowing that Feast Down East shares these exact values is why we have been partnering together for around 10 years now. Having one central hub from which we can order our local produce is an invaluable resource, and knowing how much this supports our local farmers is why we will continue to support Feast Down East for the next 10 years and beyond. Our business is in such a fun position to support local farmers in multiple ways. Not only do we sell their raw products, like their free range eggs, organic sweet potatoes, and fresh kale at our retail stores, but we also have the ability to transform these ingredients into something more. At our commercial commissary kitchen in Carolina Beach, we are able to preserve and manufacture value added products, allowing our retail and wholesale customers to enjoy local produce outside of its normal growing season. Being able to extend the life of a perishable product allows us to purchase more ingredients from those farmers that they may not otherwise be able to sell before the quality of that product is lost. For example, we've been making handmade apple butter for several years now, which features the locally grown apples that FDE picks up each Fall. There truly is nothing like taking an ingredient that a farmer worked so hard to nurture and get into our hands, and turning it into a product that is widely loved by our customers. To put it very simply, without Feast Down East, that link between the apple farmer and our store does not happen, and therefore the connection to the final consumer also never happens. Feast Down East allows us to uphold our values of supporting our farmers and they put products in our hands that our customers absolutely love!! " 

The Veggie Wagon


“Pender County Christian Services has  had the pleasure to work with Feast Down East for several years now. Within that time our clients have been able to receive fresh vegetables and fruits that were available from your local farmers and many of them have expressed how much they appreciate receiving these items each week. Not only do they enjoy the seasonal produce but  our clients have expressed that they are eating much healthier now and have learned how to prepare new  recipes  for the food they receive. Thank you for working with PCCS  and our clients to provide  this fresh and seasonal food they have been receiving. We are looking forward to greater things in the new year  as we continue to work with the Feast Down East Team to make sure that no one in Pender goes hungry.”

Sandy Harris, Director, Pender County Christian Services


"The work that Feast Down East is doing is an incredible boon, both for farmers and for chefs in our area. I have worked extensively with local products in southeast NC for the better part of a

decade, and my relationship with them has been the most critical of my career. Covey proudly serves a variety of FDE products. They assist us in our mission to serve the best food we can afford, and also allows us to act as a patron to the farmers in our community. The

importance of FDE in our operation cannot be understated."

Parker Lewin, Executive Chef, Covey Restaurant


I am thrilled to share with you the inspiring impact of our partnership with Feast Down East, a collaboration that has not only enhanced our mission but has also become a beacon of hope for communities in need. At Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh, the Cape Fear office, our commitment to serving those in rural areas with limited access to fresh and nutritious foods is at the heart of our mission. The remarkable alliance with Feast Down East has been instrumental in realizing this vision.


One of the most profound outcomes of our partnership is the significant progress we've made in bringing fresh, nutritious, and local foods to rural communities, particularly those grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters. For instance, the community of Fair Bluff, still reeling from the impact of Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, has not had access to a grocery store for several years. Through our collaboration with Feast Down East, we have been able to bridge this gap, ensuring that the residents of Fair Bluff and similar communities have access to the sustenance they need to thrive.


Beyond our day-to-day efforts, our partnership with Feast Down East takes on added significance in times of disaster recovery and preparedness. Together, we have proactively addressed the needs of families before impending storms, ensuring that those without access to essential resources are not left vulnerable. In the aftermath of such events, our joint efforts have played a crucial role in swiftly providing access to food and support for communities in distress.


The professionalism, warmth, and unwavering commitment of the Feast Down East staff have been nothing short of remarkable. Their dedication to our shared mission is reflected in their tireless efforts to serve partners and communities with utmost care and efficiency. The genuine concern they exhibit goes beyond mere accommodation – it embodies the true spirit of collaboration. We are privileged to work alongside such a passionate and dedicated team.


Our collaboration with Feast Down East stands as a testament to the power of partnership in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we are not only addressing immediate challenges but also fostering resilience and hope for the future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Feast Down East for being steadfast allies in our mission to build stronger, healthier communities.


Emilie Hart, MSW, Regional Director

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh, Cape Fear Office

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